BC CONNECTION trainings are currently suspended due to restrictions from the Covid-19 situation. We hope to continue soon. We are however offering individual/small group training opportunities via Zoom. Sessions last 1 hour and the cost is 25€.

BC CONNECTION pakub võimalusi Zoom treeninguteks. Grupitrennis soovituslik osalejate arv 5-6. Võimalus teha ka individuaal treeningut. Trenni kestvus 60 minutit. Grupi ja individuaalse ühe trenni masksumus on 25€.

BC Connection 2020-21 training season begins on the 2nd of September. Training’s take place on Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Thursday’s (20:00-21:30) and in Põhja Spordihoone (Uus-Maleva 10).

Designed for amateur adult basketball players!

Points of emphasis:
-Basketball skill development
-Better understanding of the game
-Physical fitness through basketball
-5 vs 5 action

29€ 1x per week
39€ 2x per week
49€ 3x per week
1st Training is FREE!

REGISTRATION: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1eHJzlTpUcGXEnUSgcI43ynMqyC61eqwXBeTjo8Cxgu8/edit

More information: howardfrier@t4g.ee 55513117

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